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Posted by evilgrins on 2013.02.22 at 11:38
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The bus I take after work to get home, the 1st of 2 buses, is a 2 hour ride. Usually it's not so bad and I tend to sleep through the whole thing.

I have a driver's license, so y'know. Just don't currently have a car... and even if I wouldn't drive to work as parking, which is free in just about every other city, costs a bundle in San Francisco.

So, anyways, last night was a little unusual. It' still Winter and it was really chilly last night. Normally the bus is heated, sometimes with a back vent open so it doesn't get too hot inside. Thing is last night, for the entire 2 hours, the bus driver had the A/C cranked up full blast on cold.

It was under 30° outside when I got off the bus but from my perspective, it was hotter outside than it was in the bus.

First but was SamTrans, second one (which was a blessed 80° inside) was VTA.

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