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Tweeting along the tracks...

Posted by evilgrins on 2013.12.09 at 07:31
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I'm obviously not on livejournal as much as I used to be, spending most of my time on twitter. Still, I tend to do a lot of what I did here there... including community stuff.

Shortly after I started riding the Caltrain again I started up a news account. The official Caltrain account twits are @Caltrain_News & @GoCaltrain, and I started @CaltrainNews... which I won't be using today, but I'm usually on that account at the start of most days that fall within the range of my train activity.

Dubbed the real Caltrain news, inspired by conductors who come up with the most bizarre explanations for when things go wrong with the service. I expect it's as much they feel they have to explain problems, even when they're not 100% sure what's going on, as well as keep passengers from freaking out. There was this one time heading into San Francisco where the brakes literally fell off the train. We coasted to a stop and passengers wanted to get out of the train, but there's some kinda federal law that says Caltrain can't disembark riders anywhere but at actual train stations, unless it's a direct transfer to another train.

Conductors explained this but when that wasn't going over so well, the opted to point out that if sabretooth tigers happened to rip the riders to shreds then the conductors were liable for it. That got met with laughter...

...and so it goes.

My @CaltrainNews is in the same vein of that kinda response to shenanigans and problems on the tracks. A lot of folks didn't think the account would last more than a week but it's doing pretty good and I'm having fun with it. Got a steady growth of followers, maybe 1 or 2 new ones each week.

I'll probably continue to update it so long as it's fun... or until I stop riding the train again.

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